Junyao Li (June) “June — June, July, August, June.” A filmmaker now based in Amoy, China. An internet archaeologist who is addicted to online surfing. A digital hobbyist who likes to collect tattered memories from the past. And an idealist who often feels self-contradictory. June is a cave-dwelling animal in the eyes of her parents. She has been a film school student for six years. However, she still grows through self-study. The rich network resources of the 21st century and her failed experience formed her aesthetics and abilities in filmmaking. June sees film as a way of observing others and exploring how to achieve reconciliation or settlement with them rather than self-expression. She is an excellent local guide instead of an ambitious director in her daily life. She decided to walk on this path mainly because of the effects of her undergrad film school fellows and the complains she witnessed from many screenwriters. Her favorite quote comes from Sparks that is "It was the dark basement that invented Edison.”
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