Moon Wang (Yuezhu Wang) is a filmmaker, animator and also an illustrator. Her artworks mainly focus on Chinese nowadays social issues and how she views herself, and the surroundings under the impact of the one-child policy, fast and uneven economic development in urban and rural areas in China. She is now exploring documentary films as well as documentary animations. Instead of pushing the viewers away from her works, she wishes to break the boundary between the audience and the creator, making them understand each other. After obtaining the Bachelor of Engineering in Tongji University (Shanghai, China), she is now studying at CalArts (California, USA).

王月竺是一位电影制作人,动画师和插画师。受上世纪中国大陆的独生子女政策, 以及近几年城市乡村之间迅速却又不平均的经济发展影响,她的作品主要关注中 国当代的社会问题,个人和对周围环境的感受。她现在致力于探索纪录片电影和 纪录片动画的创作。与其说使自己的艺术作品和观众之间产生距离,她更希望打 破这种隔阂,让观看者和创作者都能够互相明白对方。 在上海同济大学取得工学学士的学位后,她现在来到了美国加州的加州艺术学院 学习。
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