Experimental Writers’ Room
8/5, 8/19, 9/2

The Experimental Writers’ Room is a space for people who are in the process of developing a screenplay. It will focus on experimental film/video, non-traditional narrative, experimental documentary, experimental animation, combinations, abstractions, and more. We would like to broaden the definition of screenwriting and help each other to develop their own creative writing and cinematic language.       

Languages: This workshop will be conducted in two languages (English and Chinese). That means practitioners are free to develop a work written in either language. Discussion is also possible in both languages. 

Schedule: 8/5th (Thur), 8/19th (Thur), and 9/2nd (Thur) at 8 PM (PST)

Location: Zoom (links and details will be sent via email)

Methodology: Send a work-in-progress 3 days before each meeting, so everyone can read it in advance. During the meeting, we will give comments and critiques on each work. Each writer will also have a chance to ask questions related to further development of the work. (The length of each work-in-progress will depend on the project, preferably no longer than 10 pages for each session.)    

Participation: All participants are expected to work on at least one screenplay/script during the workshop. It’s possible to attend the workshop with just a concept or idea.  

Room Size: 6 people

Register ASAP: Here 

We would love to meet you at the Experimental Writers’ Room!


Experimentalist Workshops 

4/2 (Friday) 8 PM - 10 PM (PST)  
Topic: New Narrative 

4/16 (Friday) 8 PM -10 PM (PST)
Topic: A Discourse on Materiality

 image from Susan Howe and R. H. Quaytman, Tom Tit Tot

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