Kevin Good 
is a composer and percussionist from Las Vegas, Nevada, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Kevin’s music explores silence, extended durations, and the use of notebooks. He is a member of Quartet Friends, a contemporary chamber ensemble with  Percussionist Katie Eikam and Pianists Richard An and Wells Leng. He is also a member of  DesoDuo, a percussion duo with Katie Eikam dedicated to performing new and experimental works. Kevin received his Bachelor’s in Percussion Performance and Musical Composition at  The Hartt School in West Hartford, CT where he studied with David Macbride, Ken Steen,  Robert Carl, and Ben Toth. Kevin also holds a Masters of Fine Arts in “Performer-Composer”  from California Institute of the Arts where he studied primarily with Michael Pisaro-Liu, Jonathan  Hepfer and Laura Steenberge. In November 2019, Kevin performed at the Percussive Arts  Society International Convention with his group DesoDuo presenting a piece written especially for the convention’s new music day “Please Excuse Emily and Her Atoms” by Laura  Steenberge. He has self released three albums of his music: Songs for Two, Where We Once  Were, Wandering Thoughts #3 and has released two albums as a composer on Editions  Wandelweiser: Listen and Slow Silent Singing as well as an album as a performer of Eva-Maria  Houben’s John Muir pieces as part of DesoDuo. He currently teaches percussion at Pierce  College as well as the Los Angeles Youth Orchestra.

Yifan Xu 
is an interdisciplinary artist who is currently exploring the in-between spaces of mediums, materials, and matters. 
Teppei Higuchi 
is a composer, performer, researcher, and interdisciplinary artist who has presented works of music in a variety of art forms. His works have been performed all over the world, such as in Darmstadt Summer Course (Germany) and at the CalArts Wild Best (USA). He holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Kunitachi College of Music (Japan) with a research focus on collaboration between language and music. In 2019, he has founded TMT (Théâtre Musical Tokyo) for collective music production for multidisciplinary artists. TMT ran 6 performances of its collective work “Keiko YONEDA (1912-1992): Her Works and Life” at Tokyo Arts and Space. He has been a visiting scholar at the California Institute of the Arts from September 2019 until May 2020. He was nominated to Artist-in-Residency Hallstatt in 2021. The recording of his Ursonate performance will be released on точка in Spring 2022. He is currently based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Zhao Yanbin 
is a filmmaker based in Shanghai and Los Angeles. His works root in thoughts on cultural and political situations as well as on personal experience.

Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu 
is an interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker and writer whose work is grounded in literature and the conceptual avant-garde. Cherlyn’s creative activity often starts from a life event or curiosity concerning an anomaly in language or in the material world. It continues by employing methods drawn from both Eastern and Western practices and philosophies. Her working method at various times involves handcrafted material, mixed media, and experimental interchange between new and old technologies.

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